Since 1843, Union Baptist Church has been a thriving part of NE Knoxville

Our beginning mission was to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and it hasn’t changed today. 

As a multi-generational church community, we meet needs through a variety of:

  • worship experiences
  • Sunday School and discipleship options
  • mission opportunities
  • fellowship and outreach events

Union has a three part mission – to Love, Grow, and Serve.

Love | Worship
Sundays | 10:30 AM
At UBC, we want to pursue God in our worship – to delight in Him.  We strive to keep our worship Christ-centered and cross-focused. We hope you join us in this goal of lifting up the name of Jesus.

Grow | Small Groups
Sundays | 9:30 AM & 6:30 pm & throughout the week
Connecting with others for biblical accountability, fellowship, and encouragement is crucial to spiritual growth. At Union, we are intentional about leading people into a small group program. We have many different small groups designed to meet the diverse needs of those seeking fellowship.

Serve | Serve
God has designed each of us for a particular service in His kingdom. He has invested in us that we might reinvest our life into others. The question we must ask is, “How are we investing our life?”

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